The Key to Professional Success: Creating Your Unique Path

(or Why Cookie Cutter Approaches Don’t Work) 

Signpost of TimeNo one is exactly like you.  Your road to professional success will be different from everyone around you.

But not all career advice addresses what makes you special.  It is your “unique blend” or U.S.P. (unique selling proposition) that intrigues hiring managers.

Instead of “cookie cutter” approaches to finding a job and managing your career, shouldn’t your career path reflect your unique talents, skills, and goals?

At G. A. Puleo & Associates, we believe that your uniqueness deserves personalized, results-driven job search and career management plans.

The 7 Pillars of a Successful Job Campaign is our proprietary interrelated road map for proactive job searches and life-long career strategies.  You’ll learn how to navigate each stage of your career:  from planning and preparation to implementation and evaluation.

Customized resumes created without templates and career strategies aligned with your unique experience and goals:  that’s what you can expect at G. A. Puleo & Associates.  Let our 25+ years experience help you create a unique path to achieve success on your terms.

Isn’t it time to create your own path for success?